home shfit

*Residential \ commercial \ factory moves

*Renovation Service

* Home Appliance open & re fixing
* International door to door service
* Domestic and international courier delivery
* Support of exhibition and events logistics
* Customized packing and crating of antiques and fine arts
* Packing - unpacking
* Customs clearing.


Dhaka Office:

New D.O.H.S Mohakhali,  Lane # 5

House # 127, Ground floor, Dhaka.

Website: www.packnshift.com

Mail: info@packnshift.com

Hotline: 01978200800, 01678200800, 02-9121748

Chittagong office

Jalsha Shopping Complex, Ground Floor

 Shop No-40-41

118/A, Jublee Road, Chittagong


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