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The end of the day of thinking about the home shifting shifting ? Pack and shifts appear!

Change home? Need Movers and packers? Keep in mind the most urgent 5 things.


Many people in different districts of Bangladesh including Dhaka are renting. There are many reasons for change in jobs, including transfers-promotions, child school changes, the benefits of present and new home, etc. The house is move due to lack of exclusion of the landlord. There are also more, for example, due to the problem of gas water, etc., there is a shift in the home. Some of them are in a rented house to move home to their own flat or home. Some people have come to the rented house because of not having all the facilities in their home. Many people change their home to live in an elite area with their children and their children in the general area. It is not even a number that someone may move to their home country to move abroad. But changing home is a boring act, as many people think. Because it is difficult to keep all the things in the house and make it difficult to keep going to a new home. This big thing is to be removed on holidays. Before changing the home-change work, keep in mind the five issues.

1. Pre-plan of movers and packers and movers: Shifting the home is not an easy task. This requires course of pre-planning. You decide on a specific day to change home that day will be your holiday and you will certainly be asked to stay at home every day. Pickup van or freight car must be kept in advance. Make a plan before you pick up some things. This will make you feel a bit relieved at the moment of home change.

2. Pack the box before shifting: Suppose you are shifting from Gulshan to Dhanmondi. In this case, the big things in your home such as refrigerators, TVs, AC machines, washing machines, wardrops, almirahs can carry them apart. Apart from these, small boxes, such as buckets, mugs, cookware, clothes, etc. box will be packed. Boxing will also be available for carrying. Nothing will be lost in this.

3. Take home shifting furniture separately: All things in the house are not one kind. That’s why you can organize your content by sharing it separately. For example, cook the cooking equipment separately, separate the clothes, separate the smaller and more items. By doing this you will not have much trouble in your bunch when you go to a new house, because you know there is no content in a box. If necessary, write the name above the box. You can easily remove any necessary things around your hand so that it can be taken out as soon as possible

4. Leave the unnecessary things before shifting home: Take a look at your home, maybe many things are unnecessary, they were unrealistic in your house. Leave things that you do not read, such as clothes, broken items, etc. There is no need to drag them unnecessarily to the new home. Instead you can easily buy new things for a new home.

5. Date of shifting transport just a few days ago: Define what kind of car you carry in the car beforehand. You can use the car which carries more goods. In order to change the home, the pickup van or freight hired big trucks. If you have a new home distance from your old home, then you can use Vangadi to run as an alternate transport. It is better to fix the problem of rent of these vehicles in advance. At the same time, make the driver aware about time.

However, you must be aware that you can do all these difficulties only when you have enough time, that means you have to be completely free. There will be many patience and hard work mentality. If you follow the above rules then you can make a nice and safe shifting at low cost. But if you are a busy man, there is not enough time in hand and you are not used to working, but you can leave the full responsibility. On our shifting company “PACK & SHIFT” We will make the entire shifting work very efficiently. You just see the legs lifted on the legs. And you’ll see a surprise at home shifting.


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