Pack Your Things

Materials We Use in Packing:

To move your belongings without any damages, it is extremely important to use needed suppliers which will help to do this with maximum safety. Our movers will do their best to pack everything for you using needed materials.

Moving Boxes: The first thing to prepare for packing. They usually differ in size only.


Bubble Wrap: Depending on how heavy or light the particular item will be, our specialists will roll it in a bubble wrap of the needed width with particular cell sizes. Bubbles are used by our company movers for various aims – to roll kitchenware, to pack figurines and other brittle stuff.


Wrapping Paper: This is a kind of universal packing material. It protects surfaces from damages, can be used as a fill or void, protect stuff from vibrations and serve for other purposes. You may also use it when there is an empty place in the box and you need to fill it with something. Some people use newspapers for this purpose, but they don’t really enjoy the ink on their precious plates.

Stretch Film: No matter whether you are moving from grandma’s house with tons of valuable things in it, or from your student’s studio, all your stuff should be rolled in stretch wrap not to damage or to stain with dirt. By packing your belongings in this wrapping material, our company guarantees everything will be kept from scratches, scrapes and stains.

Bags: They are great for keeping your clothes, blankets, pillows and other things while transportation.

Plastic wrap, blankets, and tape are included in the price for our services, so you won’t be required to pay additionally for them.

Help from Professional Moving Service

If you haven’t moved earlier, you can’t even guess what a hustle is to pack all your stuff, load it on the truck and then unpack it back. PACK & SHIFT Moving company is here to help you – no matter how quickly you should move to the other place. Do you want to find out how we work? At first our packers pack your belongings, wrapping them in appropriate materials, and then they are carefully placed into boxed and moved from the house. Each box is marked by our specialists to achieve maximum efficiency while loading and unpacking.

With our moving and packing service, you don’t need to worry about knowing how to pack for a move. Just contact us in the most convenient way for you to discuss your moving and packing options, and let us take care of all of your packing needs.



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