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All praise is for Allah, whose generosity we first started institutionalized with the aim of providing service to the customers of Dhaka city to solve the problems of home office change in 2000. Packing & Shifting business. The end of long-term suffering and harassment of customers is our endeavor. Easy to do shitting activities. Our service reaches customers’ doorstep through a phone call only.

Once upon a time, people go to the truck store for home and office, to hire trucks, to fix labors, to collect packing material for packing, technicians for the open-ended fittings, to fix the mechanism for open fitting of electric items; . PACK & SHIFT are important in modernization of shifting system in Bangladesh. Customers have been released from harassment since the launch of our company. You can perform safely and shifting safely.

We were just shifting buses in the beginning and later the office and industry factory shifting started. In addition to doing all the work including heavy machinery loading, unloading, and transfer of industrial factories. We are packing home and office goods very carefully. We have a lot of staff who will make your shifting activities safe and secure.

If we have been following us today and have grown in the name of all organizations, some organizations. Those who are fondly remembered with gratitude and respect - our name is PACK & SHIFT. In addition to our own manpower, more than a hundred people have been employed in this work through this organization. Here’s our worth.

In the long 18 years, from the residence of the former Chief of Honor, Ambassador, Secretary, Poetry, Literary, Physician, Professor, Journalist, Artist, Industrialist, Colonel, Major, Captain, Businessman, Officers working in different reputable establishments, including many reputed and reputable reputed and reputable persons The organization’s home and office shifts have been very rich in experience. Through time, today, in Dhaka and across the country, packs and shifts have gained confidence as a well-known and trustworthy neighbor.

There may have been some mischief going on unintentionally during the service of subscribers, from time to time. Sincerely grateful to those who have seen the forgiveness. Many people have given intellectual advice to express their gratitude for this exceptional religious effort and have expressed their confidence in the future. Many are praised. All of these - keeping the pack and shifts - are running and dynamic.

To be honest, honesty, dedication, hard work, commitment to the blessings of God Almighty, and deep trust and respect for the customer, all these things are going on for a long decade of progress. With the help of future and similar cooperation, we are committed to increasing the standard of service to the respected new-old customers.

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