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A moving company named “Pack and Shift” was established with the plan to deliver a moving service to the doorstep of the customer, the dreamer of the world-class packing and shifting service, to modernize the moving services of Bangladesh. It was the time of 2001. Initially it was not a self-contained company. Because only then dreams were sown in the seed. The seeds were twentieth, then the trees were then twisted. It was 19 years old to see. Have developed a full-fledged Packers and Movers for a long 5 years. Pack and shifts are now full of youth, the perfect time for moving services across Bangladesh. Today people are getting all the services of Moving while sitting in the house. In today’s position, many labor has to be given, long time has to be patient, many pursuits and research have to be done. The company, which had been delayed more than once, has renewed the dream, and has renewed it again, and has renewed hope. At one time I saw the light of hope, the face of success was seen. And did not look back. Our customers have forwarded the rest. Now our customers are on our way.


Initially the business started with home shifting. Later on, the office shifting and factory shifting. Stepping into all the departments of step-by-step shifting. When it comes to maturity, we started machinery moving. Do not say anything at home office and factory. If the matter is subjected to shifting companies. If this is the case on the basis of different categories such as: If there is a company showing the guidance of the shifting service in Bangladesh, if the best service is to a company, the best practice is to treat any company staff, if it is said to be reliant on whom, If a company is named as the mother of the shifting company (whether or not, our company has been established to follow Over at the company). If the shifting company is rewarded for the right decision, the name that comes from all aspects is “Pack and Shift”. 

With the desire to do exceptions in the beginning of youth, the need to earn a living, some thoughts, some thoughts, and some goals in front of me, I started dreaming of the Moving Company. The purpose was to do something different, to do something new. - One of the famous writers- Shiv Khera, I thought, that is, the winners did not do anything differently but they did the same thing differently. This business started with the head on God and relied on it. It was in 2001 There was no worship at that time, there was no experience. There was no one to even cooperate. Nobody has got any support for money intelligence and advice. It was said that we started from zero. But there was worship all my time. It is honesty, ideals, principles and labor. Today I feel successful in my pursuit and perseverance. Our main worship in the long run of 19 years is the love of our respected customer.

Tell me what is the measure of success? That is, our customers are scattered in different countries of the world including our customers. The number of our subscribers is more than 10 thousand. About 100 organizations have been formed following us. Those who are continuously going to house shifting services.

Pack and shift, just do not believe in the work. So from the beginning of the establishment, we have continued to work with honesty and principles. These are our basic principles and worship. Our main motive is our commitment. Whenever we tried to keep someone promised. Maybe 100% could not be satisfied, I’ve tried it as much as possible. All businesses need to have this quality. Defend with the promise. No business can survive without this power.

We do not work for money only. Quality service, customer satisfaction, customer service as well as subsequent service, we work towards it. Even recommending others to take our service satisfied with the work.

19 years ago we started alone. Today, we have around 5000 regular customers, 10 thousand irregular customers, millions of subscribers’ love in many pursuits. We are giving deep respect to those customers who at times have developed intellectual power and deepening our driving force.

Pack and shift 100% auto branding resettle company. We have one-stop house shifting service. That is, all the services under one roof. Customers do not have to pay any work to anybody else if they take our services. For example: all packing material including cartoon box for packing, transport: truck pickup covered van is everything we propose. There is also its own transport system Our labors are not hired. Our labors do not work for anyone else. Only work for us Initially


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