House shifting services by expert house movers

Looking for trusted house shifting services in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Looking the safe and hassle-free house relocation services. Pack and Shift Movers and Packers offer the best solution for house moving in the whole country.



 Family or commercial house shifting is a challenging and big responsibility for every company. This is not easy for average general people but we have super experience. When change the general house and commercial house responsibility and risk are at their top . House goods are the sole property of one person, but all house members are directly or indirectly connected to that. You can easily monitor your transfer time and date. 

The moving of home is a process that can be expressed without a doubt when deciding to shift. The closings of a family or bachelor move can be handled by a person easily, but this is not possible for commercial house move. For this need full commercial house movers professional team.

Packing and moving large, bulky, expensive furniture and sensitive house goods is difficult steps. Whether house relocation is local or long-distance then needed house shifting movers, but that again consumes a some money.


House Furniture Moving

We do lot of house furniture and commercial move, we often have to open and fitting furniture. We have professional expert team for house furniture moving and commercial installers. The leading house furniture moving company pack and shift already provide this unique type of service. 


Storage Facility

We also offer a self-storage service specially commercial and corporate move. If you don’t have space in your new house location then you use our storage. We provide 100% safe and secure storage facility services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Successfully House Moving Process

The primary thing for successful house move is to think forwards and be carefully ready. When planning to move house one point to keep in mind

These include: Pack and Shift moving company offering professional expert project management services for house moving, we work with you on your house and office relocation project, providing successful move for every home move element. Offering special and safe storage facility, including special open and fitting teams in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Mymensingh, Cumilla. Offering the best result for your house shifting services and full furniture solution.




Our House Moving Approach.

When undertaking home moving, it is major that you understand the needs of your staff before you start moving. First our house moving manager create a proper plan before house relocation We will be able to point out any physical restrictions of the house and evaluate areas.


 Appointed to professional projects management

Our professional house shifting consultants will take the house moving steps down to the all detail, ensuring that your new location maintains the actual balance of creativity. Our highly trained professional project manager ensure 100% safe moving in the Dhaka city and all over BangladeshThe professional project manager explains everything to the expert house moving worker until the work is completed successfully.


House relocation management

Our dedicated and professional  house movers team basically works 24 hours as your advantage time. All home moves are carefully ready and planned to make sure a smooth move. We organize special boxes for packing, furniture movement, kitchen item pack, computer movements, manage transportation and heavy and uncomfortable items special pack.


After the home move

After the house relocation of your home, we will review what has been accomplished. 


How Much Does it Cost to Move?


Size of House

Estimated Time in Dhaka

Estimated Time in all Bangladesh

Average Price Range

1 Bedroom Apartment/House

3-5 Hours

1 day

TK 8,00-10,000

2 Bedroom Apartment/House t

3-5 Hours

1 day

  TK 10,00-15,000

3 Bedroom Apartment/House

5-7 Hours

1 day

  TK 15,00-20,000

4 Bedroom Apartment/House

5-7 Hours

1 day

  TK 20,00-30,000

5+ or any big Bedroom Apartment/House

10+ Hours

1 day+

  TK 30,000+

How to minimize house moving costs in Bangladesh. 

  • Move out during the off-season
  • Move at the proper time and day
  • Hire your moving company at a proper time and day
  • Get quotation from multiple moving company
  • Avoid making any general house relocation mistakes
  • Sell what you do not need
  • Donate the rest of your food to poor people
  • Prepare items for move
  • Dismantle and reassemble yourself
  • Find as many free boxes before moving for packing
  • Purchase some bulk moving packaging supplies for packing
  • Do your own packing and labeling
  • Ship your books and like this items
  • Also use all cost-saving tips and ticks at the same time


Commercial shifting services include:

1.   Proper quote and full proposal, include to your commercial house move

2.   Highly trained professional and friendly moving team

3.   Expensive heavy and specialized items movements

4.   Special packing for special materials

6.   Moving of safes and heavy items

7.   Storage facility as your requirement

8.   Important Document storage.

9.   Project management.





Insurance facility available for special clients. We offer a chief rate house relocation services to our customer and guarantee full satisfaction all of the process.


 House relocation steps:

Ø  Furniture open and fitting

Ø  Packing unpacking

Ø  Loading unloading

Ø  Loading and moving 

Ø  End-to-end solutions

Ø  Contact us today for your free assessment.


Furniture open and fitting:


Furniture open and fitting is not an easy job, it’s very difficult and sensitive work. Without professional open and fitting technician furniture open and fitting is a risk. Heavy furniture needs carefully open and fitting because heavy furniture is the most costly. So if you need furniture open and fitting services, firstly you should hire professional furniture open and fitting technician. Or if you want to open and fitting furniture yourself, then be careful. Pack and shift movers and packers company provide highly trained professional furniture open and fitting technician. Their furniture open and fitting services are available in Dhaka city and major city Bangladesh.


 Packing unpacking:


When moving your house, office, furniture and other then you need packing unpacking services. If you plane to move your house, office, furniture and others item then you should add extra budget for packing unpacking. Packing and unpacking services do save your shifting items like glass items, furniture items from broken and damage. So you need professional packing unpacking expert for your shifting. Pack and shift have 20+ years of packing and unpacking experience both locally and internationally. They use high quality international standard packing materials for packing. But they provide both high-quality and low quality packing services as clients requirements.



Loading unloading and moving: 

One of the hard and risky work is loading unloading for house moving. Because if you cannot loading unloading properly then goods will be lost or damage. So when moving your house you should hire professional labor for loading unloading. Pack and Shift Relocation Company provide certified highly trained lobar for loading unloading, moving and packing.

End-to-end solutions: 

We provide house moving services from start to finish. You get end to end solutions and technical support for your house relocation. We already done 20,000+ house shifting and office shifting project in Dhaka city and all over Bangladesh.


Long distance moving services in Bangladesh.

Long distance moving means transporting office or households items from one city to another city. our dedicated customer servicer team will help you to create a proper moving plan and assist you in making arrangements for our services. We are a complete house shifting and office shifting services provider company in Bangladesh specially in short distance and long distance moving services. We provide our long distance moving services 100% hassle free and safe, for this we use highly standard up to date moving equipment. And for long distance moving we have dedicated highly trained certified young and energetics moving team. Long distance moving charge charts in Bangladesh. I hope you will gather complete moving knowledge


Up to 300KM




Big House Complete

12,000 - 25,000 TK

15,000 - 28,000 TK

18,000 - 32,000 TK

20,000 - 35,000 TK

1 Big Bedroom House

9,500 - 18,000 TK

11,000 - 22,000 TK

12,000 - 24,500 TK

14,500 - 33,000 TK

2 Big Bedroom House

12,000 - 20,000 TK

14,000 - 27,000 TK

16,000 - 32,000 TK

18,000 - 38,000 TK

3-4 Big Bedroom House

14,000 - 31,000 TK

17,000 - 33,000 TK

20,000 - 37,000 TK

25,000 - 50,000 TK

Some Office Items Cost

8,000 – 18,000 TK

11,000 – 22,000  TK

13,000 – 27,000 TK

15,000 – 33,000 TK

Complete Office Shifting Cost

12,000 – 29,000 TK

17,000 – 33,000 TK

119,000 – 37,000 TK

19,000 – 44,000 TK

Some Home Items Shifting Cost

6,000 – 12,000 TK

10,000 – 15,000 TK

13,000 – 19,000 TK

15,000 – 26,000 TK


Short distance house moving services in Dhaka

Generally 50 to 60 miles distance move considered a short distance moving in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you need to move your home to the same city, it is not easy to think that everything will be hassle-free. Even if you  are moving a short distance, maybe you will face lot of problems like find out proper lobar, find out quality packing materials, find out experience packing expert, find out electric technician, find out AC open and fitting technician, find out furniture open and fitting expert, find out overall right house moving company. Maybe these is the cause short distance moving not smooth. Long distance and long distance movement are not very different. Everything is same except for the distance. I think best and right way to move your short distance mover is to hire a trusted and experience local mover.

Family House Shifting Services in Bangladesh.

Competitive rate and quality family house shifting services is our main target. Big family (1,2,3,4 Bedroom) or little family house moving services are available in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Khulna, Barisal also all little and big cities in Bangladesh. We provide our family house moving services include packing and without packing. Pack and Shift Movers and Packers serve lot of moving related work without risk free. Family house moving services is one of the most successful services which provide packnshift.


Bachelors House Moving Services Only For Dhaka.

Our bachelors house shifting services are available in only capital City Dhaka in Bangladesh. Family or Bachelors house moving not big factors, Safe households goods relocation is our main target. For bachelors house moving we provide hassle free A to Z moving services like furniture open and fitting, packing unpacking, loading unloading etc. So no tension for bachelors house relocation in Dhaka also all big cities in Bangladesh.


International House Relocation.

International house move not a easy task, they have number of challenges . Highly professional and experience movers and packers can do this successfully. Pack and Shift movers and packers one of them, which have lot of International moving experience. Maximum moving company face lots of logistical hurdles (Customs clearance) on their end for their international move. We committed to keep your households goods safe and secure for your International house relocation. We  are reputable, reliable, and can logistically handle every part of your international house move across internationally without any risk. You can easily trust us for your international house shifting.


Online contact and free assessment: 

You can easily find our company online from any place. We are available in all online flat form like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. We have multiple moving services providing the related website, so that you can easily find on Google. Moreover, we have assessment facility without any cost. Our free assessment services 7/24 hours available in Dhaka city and major cities in Bangladesh.


House Moving Checklist in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • First visit your new city and his facility
  • Before house shifting decide on your shifting budget
  • Fixed professional house relocation specialist.
  • Select a project manager for each of your departments.
  • Appointed a house shifting consultants.
  • Get a detailed plan of the new house.
  • Research proper school for your child
  • Discuss your all family member about moving
  • Fixed your house moving budget
  • Find your place to live as your requirement
  • Find professional movers and packers company for your house move.
  • Get competitive rate quotation by movers and packers
  • And hire a trusted and reasonable moving company
  • Date fixed in discussion all family member
  • Before moving fixed your moving plan
  • Categories wise labeling your pack
  • Pack you important and expensive items
  • Keep important documents at your own risk
  • In new location  transfer all memberships
  • Talk to the children’s school about relocation and arrange for a school transfer
  • Arrange storage if additional space is required
  • Inform your relative about moving
  • After moving cleaning your room and handover keys
  • Transfer to vote in your new area

Some problems Face During A House Move

If you decided move your house first time, than you face some common problem. Which you have to deal with hard hands.

  1. which time hire a professional movers?
  2. how to get competitive rate by movers and packers
  3. What kind of packaging items will we pack
  4. Which material should be used for packing?
  5. Which items should I keep with me?
  6. Time Constraints
  7. which time is best for house moving
  8. How to open and fit furniture and electric items
  9. Facing network related problems
  10. Finding school for your children 
  11. Loosing important items and documents
  12. Utility not setup
  13. Difficulty related to food culture in new area

 Top Five Moving Company’s Phone Number and Website in Bangladesh.

  1. Pack and Shift Movers and Packers      Phone: 01798111222
  2. Basabodol Movers and Packers             Phone: 01978200800
  3. Dorkary Movers and Packers                  Phone: 01678200800
  4. Moversbd Movers and Packers              Phone: 01408009002
  5. বাসাবদল.com Movers and Packers       Phone:  01984898989

Why Choose Us for Your House Shifting

Recognized moving company Pack and Shift provides their high-quality house shifting, packing, loading, and storage services, including long-distance and short distance. You choose our services because we have 20+ years moving experience in Dhaka, Bangladesh and highly trained professional moving team.

Local and International Network: We provide our house shifting services both locally and internationally. 10+ country’s we have international moving agents and support teams.

Skills and Expertise Staff: Safe and stress-free moving services provide is our main work which provides our professional and experienced moving staff.  Our professional skills and expert staff are 24/7 ready for giving your services.

Special Packing: For your protection, we provide packing and unpacking services. Important and expensive items we do special packing.

Quality Maintain: Our one of the major goals is quality maintain. We always use high-quality moving and packing materials for house moving in Dhaka and all of Bangladesh.

100% Security: You will get 100% guaranteed security for your house shifting in Dhaka.

Storage Facility: You will get a better safe and secure storage facility for your household items from us.

Super-Fast Response: At important times if you do not get a response properly, As a result, can make your feel bad. So our response team is super active for get your quarry.

Affordable cost: We are truly committed to providing house moving services at an affordable cost. We deliver our services professional, courteous, and respectful way for your all respective customer.

Free Assessment: For your kind information, you do not give any charge for assessment. Our assessment is totally free for your moving.

24/7 Availability: Our house relocation services are 24/7 available. You can easily contact us any time for your moving.

Easy Way Payment: We accept all major credit cards. You can pay payment Bkash, rocket, nagod and any BD bank.


Our House Shifting Ordering Process.

Our house moving ordering process is very easy and customers friendly. You can order anytime coming in my office for house relocation. We also accept order phone call, facebook, message, whatsapp. Before order we visit customer house and provide free quotation. When there is a mutual agreement then accepts order. Before order we provide complete moving model structure and work accordingly in working day. If you need house relocation services, firstly confirm order.

 Our House Relocation Coverage:

  • Dhaka
  • Chittagong
  • Rajshahi
  • Khulna
  • Sylhet
  • Maymensingh
  • Comilla
  • Barisal

Note: Also All Major Cities in Bangladesh.


How much cost to hire a moving company for house shifting?

The proper cost of house relocation depends on many reason and customer demand. For house moving one fixed prices never apply because every house has different goods and need various packing and moving item.

How many days/time before inform for house relocation?

Before house moving to inform us at least 6 hours ago for better services without any risk. Although our relocation service is super fast.

Will you help me with furniture open and fitting?

yes, definitely we do. We provide A to Z full furniture open and will fitting services. Our highly trained furniture open and setting technician can help you furniture open in the old place and fitting at your new place.

Are you available outside of Dhaka?

Yes, our house shifting services are available in all of Bangladesh. We have division-wise branch for relocation in Bangladesh.

Will the moving company follow my command to place items where I preference?

Of course, It’s our specialty. Our professional moving team provides moving services at your command and you can instruct the moving team as per your preference.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, we provide free quotes as your requirement.

Is packing is necessary to house goods moving?

Of course, Packing saves your valuables items from any broken and damage. We have high-quality packing services so that use high-quality packing materials.

What type of packing materials are used for packing?

Pack and Shift moving company use international standard packing materials( like boxes, bubbles roll, tape, cargo and rasin sheet) for households goods packing.

If I changed house relocation date. What should I do?

Just contact us. We can change house moving date as your comfortable date.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments cash, check, bank transfers, bkash, rocket, nagad and all Bangladesh accepted credit cards.


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